Worthing, England, 24 April – 4 May 2018

Excursion and Language Course

On 24 April 2018, 49 students of our gymnasium went on a language course and excursion tour. The course took place in Worting, England where our students were accommodated in host families and where also went to school. The course lasted 11 days out of 7 days in England and 4 days travelling by bus.

The first night we spent on the bus. The second night we stayed in a hotel near city Lille in France. After the delicious breakfast, we took a ferry from Calais to Dover. In Dover we explored tunnels from WW1 & WW2. After that we went to Windsor which is the Queen’s summer castle and after the visit we finally met our host families in Worthing. The third day we went to  school in Worthing and visited Brighton. The fifth day we visited Hastings and Hever castle. The sixth day we went to London. We saw the most famous monuments there. The seventh day we went to school and Portsmouth. The eighth we saw beautiful cliffs which were called The Seven Sisters. The ninth day we went to London again but we went to Greenwich and Tower of London and at night we went back to Slovakia. However, we made a stop in Disneyland on the tenth day. The eleventh day we came home.

The course was excellent. Firstly, the journey wasn’t that bad because we had a really great bus. My host mother was nice, carring and lovely. The food was excellent there. Sometimes I didn’t like the atmosphere because we were always in a rush. I think we should have had more free time for ourselves and host families. The school was nice.

I would definitely recommend this course. It’s worth taking part in. Personally, I like English culture which I had a chance to get to know. I was amazed by Windsor. Honestly, I enjoyed everything there becauce I got to know real English culture, identity and made new friends. I guarantee you won’t regret it, if you go there.

Sofia 2.AA


Hi everyone,

I would like to share some of my experiences from our excursion to England. We left Slovakia on Tuesday at 10 PM and continued our way through Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium and came to France at around 4 PM on Wednesday. We had been travelling for 18 hours, but we always had some things to do, so we weren’t bored. We spent one night in France and then in the morning we went to catch a ferry, which took us to England.

When we came to England, we went to Dover to see the caves and then we visited the Windsor Castle. We came to Worthing around 8 PM, we met our families and then they took us to our temporary home. We had a great family. They were very kind and welcoming to us, they had a big house near the beach, so we had a beautiful view. Our room was quite small, but it didn’t matter, because we only slept there and most of the time we spent in the living room talking to them. The atmosphere was nice, but it’s a shame we didn’t have good weather for the whole trip, because it was very cold and raining the first few days, but luckily it got nice and sunny at the end. We saw a lot of monuments there, like Hever Castle, Buckingham Palace, Westminister Abbey, The Tower of London, ships in Portsmouth and we also visited a lot of museums. Moreover, we had a great guide. She told us interesting things about every monument, so we learnt a lot from her.

I really liked the Seven Sisters cliffs, there was an amazing view and it looked beautiful there. I also liked the monuments in London, like the Buckingham Palace, the London Eye and also the Tower Bridge was really beautiful. But it’s a shame that they were repairing the Big Ben at that time, so we only saw the scaffolding. On our way home, we stopped in Paris and went to Disneyland, where we had so much fun. This was the first time I went to England and I really enjoyed it. The whole trip was amazing. I would like to thank everyone for amazing experiences and a great time. I’m glad I learnt some new things and made new friends and I will definitely go again next time.

Emma Barteková 1.AB


So this was my first excursion from school to travel to foreign country for more than 3 days. I’m so happy that I could take part in this excursion because now I have lots of experiences and lots of new information from it.

The first day and the last day of the excursion were exhausting because we travelled all night and all morning but I made it! We spent some time in France, crossed the Channel by ferry and that’s why I think that this is the benefit of traveling by bus, you see more places.

During this excursion we visited castles, museums, cities like Brighton, Hastings, London, we saw statues and we have learnt something about history of England. The most beautiful place where we went was The Seven Sisters. You can see cliffs, nature and sea here. At the sea there are interesting stones which I brought home to make my room decorative. The one thing which I noticed was that in England the nature is green and there are lots of sheep.Then another thrilling thing was that we were in a host family. There were four of us in this family and I think that we were lucky because we had a very kind and good host family. We tasted their national British food; we spoke with them and saw the architecture of their house. If I have a chance to go to another excursion, I will definitely go.

Simona 1.AB


I really enjoyed the trip. It was quite uncomfortable to go there by bus, but by the time I got used to it. As for the program we had, I liked it. Most interesting places for me were The Seven Sisters and London. Other places we  went to were also nice, but the whether was sometimes bad, so we couldn´t enjoy it that much as we should if the whether was better. I was satisfied with our guide Katka. She talked really confidently and funny at the same time. She talked like a teacher, but in a more interesting way, so thanks to her I remember a lot of things.

I liked that we stayed in families, which was one of the reasons I decided to go on this trip, because I always wanted to experience it. Our family was realy nice, welcoming and they cooked perfectly. The only thing I was dissatisfied with was the lunches we got, because we had a toast with ham, with some fruit and sweets every day, which was ok at the beginning, but after some time I was fed up with it. Anyway, when we came back to our family, we always had a big delicious dinner. As for the communication in English, in my opinion it really depended on family you got. Fortunately, we had a very talkative family, so we talked a lot, but only during dinner and breaskfast. About the English teacher at school; she was really kind, we played some games, had really nice conversations with her and I think she did her job perfectly.

In conclusion, I want to say that I really liked the whole trip, it was a really great experience for me , and  if there is any other possibility to take such a trip again, I will definitely think about it.

Laura 1.AB


The English Course in Worthing was very enriching for me, regarding the amount of new information about the history of Britain, which I learnt. Moreover, I could see the way of life of British people as well. I love travelling to foreign countries and exploring the new things.

We experienced quite a long journey to England through Austria, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium. We had the best guide Mrs. Katka Bezáková, who was very funny and she told us  plenty of interesting things. We were in a good mood all the time at this excursion trip.

I stayed with my classmate Peter in an amazing family, who was treating us like we were a part of this family. Debbie and Adrian had pleasant home with 2 friendly dogs (Mizzy,Brandson) and one son. I really enjoyed it to be a part of this family even though only for 6 days.

Worthing, the place where we stayed in families is located only about 60 miles from London. It offers a beautiful beach and seacoast, which we travelled by. We could see a picturesque view at sea from a pier there or observe daily changes of high tide and low tide. For smaller nature-lovers, you can enjoy the great shopping in the city centre or in a long shopping passage near the beach. Cricket is a popular game to play in Worthing.

There are a lot of charity shops, where you can buy a lot of specialties or vintage objects for a low price. It was once for poor people, who could not afford to buy expensive things. Now, the profit from sold things goes to charities, for example for the treatment of people with cancer.

I was most impressed by one of the shops called Poundland, where you can buy a lot of things only for 1 pound. But that were things, which were of much higher value than approximately 1,14€, for us, Slovaks.

I love this town very much. Actually, I was feeling such a big energy from that place. I´ll certainly want to come back to Worthing again.

Created by: Lukáš Máťuš 2.NA

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